Kranc is a Mathematica application which turns a tensorial description of a time dependent partial differential equation into a module for the Cactus Computational Toolkit. It is designed to take a simple continuum description of a problem and generate highly efficient and portable code. As such, it can be used both for rapid prototyping of evolution systems and for high performance supercomputing.

Kranc is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) (version 2) for unrestricted use. We request that you cite our 2006 Kranc paper if you use Kranc, or Kranc-generated code, in a scientific publication. Note that Kranc has evolved significantly since the version described in the paper, both in usability and functionality.

Kranc was originally written by Sascha Husa, Ian Hinder, Christiane Lechner and is now actively developed by Ian Hinder, Erik Schnetter and Barry Wardell.